Well at the WRTR/RTR

"In the village, wisdom is shared at the well."


Camp with Us at the WRTR/RTR

January 13-27 2020 – Register below 

 We will have an area in which we will not only have a place for you to camp with people who get you, but we’ll also be doing optional social and wellness activities at the camp.  Exact events to be determined (check back to this page nearer the event) but they will probably include one or more communal meals, campfires, in-person support group(s), and sharing of wellness tips.  We ask you to register before the WRTR/RTR so that we will know how much room we’ll need and be better able to anticipate the room and materials needed for events.  The registration form is at the bottom on this page.


NOTE: Men are VERY welcome at all our events and can camp with us without being segregated or limited, even during the WRTR.



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Taco Tuesday

We'll provide the tortillas. Bring your favorite taco filling or topping to share. Please bring your own plate/bowl/utensils. Tuesday, January 21st @ Sunset ~ Hosted by Nicole


We'll provide marshmallows and roasting sticks. Please bring your favorite s'more component or other fireside treat to share. Wednesday, January 15th @ Sunset ~ Hosted by Jules

Walk ‘N Talk

We'll meet at the fire ring, form into small groups and go for a walk. Simple, but a very effective wellness exercise that helps our mood and our bodies. Daily @ 9:00AM and 4:30PM

Talking Stick / Sharing Circle

We will have multiple Talking Stick times throughout the WRTR and RTR, full scheduling pending volunteers to lead. The basic idea is you only talk when you have the stick. Topics will vary based on facilitator/leader choice and group needs. The first Talking Stick...

Pot Luck Oatmeal Bar

We'll provide the oatmeal - you bring toppings to share. Bring your own bowl, utensils, and napkin Hosted by Catherine


We keep talking about how our telephone meetings are like sitting around a campfire talking to people who get it, now we'll get a chance to REALLY sit around a campfire and do that. Make sure to bring warm clothing and a chair. It gets cold as the sun goes down in the...

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