Well in the Desert

“In the village, wisdom is shared at the well.”


Come into the desert to share wellness techniques and meet face-to-face for a change!

December 10-12, 2019

Ehrenberg, AZ 

Exact location(s) of activities will be sent to registered attendees

Camp where you want and come in for the activities that interest you  – It is commutable from Quartzite and other towns with RV parks and Long-Term Visitor Areas (LTVAs) and there are boondocking sites all over that part of Arizona.  

Registration form is still under construction.  Please RSVP via RVillage.com or send an email to well@nomadchapter.org  indicating interest and we’ll get in touch with you.


You may also be interested in the other services offered by the Nomad Chapter






Exercise on the Road

Jerry is going to show and tell his tips for staying fit on the road. Physical participation is encouraged, but not required. He’ll show off his mobile-friendly strength training equipment, pull-up bar, resistance bands, other equipment, calisthenics, and an aerobic tap dancing routine! 🙂

Talking Stick / Sharing Circle

We will have multiple Talking Stick times throughout the WRTR and RTR, full scheduling pending volunteers to lead. The basic idea is you only talk when you have the stick. Topics will vary based on facilitator/leader choice and group needs.

  • The first Talking Stick will be on Wednesday the 15th @ 2:00, led by Jules. This afternoon we will follow the basic format of our Nomad Chapter calls.
  • Please contact Jules @ camp@nomadchapter.org if you are interested in hosting a Talking Stick group.
  • Check back to see more scheduled groups.

Sound Journey

John McManamy, apprentice wise elder, will lead a sound journey with his didgeridoo. We’re wired for sound; we pulse to the beat of the universe. Through vibration he’ll take you on an inner journey. Others who play drums, singing bowls, etc., are welcome to join him. Participants will experience a total sound immersion. Fasten your seatbelts!!! Bring something to lie on or sit on.

Pot Luck Oatmeal Bar

We’ll provide the oatmeal – you bring toppings to share. Bring your own bowl, utensils, and napkin

Hosted by Catherine

Service Dogs / Emotional Support Animals

There’s more misinformation on the web and social media on this subject than there is about who has interfered in our elections. This is an ASK ME ANYTHING session about assistance animals. Joanne, who has been an advocate for and mentor to people with psychiatric disabilities who use assistance animals, and Gabriella, who is a veteran with a service dog and with hands-on experience working with a service dog training program, will answer your questions.

Here are some of the questions we’ll be ready to answer – and you can ask us anything else you want.

What’s the difference between a service dog and an emotional support animal?

Can I take my emotional support animal or service dog into a restaurant or other non-pet friendly place?

What training is required? Can I train my own?

Is certification required?

Why can’t every dog become a service dog with the right training?

What’s it like handling, travelling with, and living with a service dog?


We keep talking about how our telephone meetings are like sitting around a campfire talking to people who get it, now we’ll get a chance to REALLY sit around a campfire and do that. Make sure to bring warm clothing and a chair. It gets cold as the sun goes down in the desert.

Energy Work

Come to experience connection to a high vibe to melt away stress and anxiety… Experience a Biofield healing session which will allow you to tap in to your own inner wisdom and help you learn to stay calm and collected even during stressful situations…

Come prepared to have a relaxing experience – where Patricia will do all the work…nothing for you to do…bring a comfy chair and a blanket to keep warm – depending on weather and individual preferences…

Yoga Lessons / Practice

A friendly, supportive session that will introduce us to yoga if we have no experience or to provide a yoga session for those who already have experience. Come and see if Jerry get Joanne, who has wanted to learn yoga for years, but never been able to walk into a class, to learn a bit about yoga. If you too are shy about this sort of thing, now’s the time to try! If you have a yoga mat or something similar, please bring it, but we’ll improvise something for those who don’t have one.