We Are The Nomad Chapter

 For Those Who Wander or are Preparing to Wander with Anxiety, Depression, etc.
A service of DBSA Greater Hartford, Inc., a 501(c)(3) charity

What We Offer

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Travelling with Anxiety, Depression, Etc.

A private group available 24/7 on RVillage.com.   Post pics and have discussions. Shows you other members in your area so you can meet!


Phone Groups w/Optional Video

Phone meetings multiple times a week We expect to have a meeting every day of the year soon. See the our Nomad Calendar for details.

Well in the Desert

You asked for a face-to-face event . . . .  Our first annual WELL IN THE DESERT event. "In the village, wisdom is shared at the well." Ehrenberg, AZ , December 10-12, 2019.  

Holiday Hangouts

Want some friendly company on the holiday?  Both nomads and locals can Join us by phone (with optional video) both Thanksgiving and Christmas .  Open to all.  Come and go when it works for you. See our calendar for dial-in info that will be added as each holiday grows near.

Well at the WRTR/RTR

Come CAMP WITH US at the Women's Rubber Tramp Rendezvous and the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous.  We'll have optional social, educational, and support actvities before and after the events at the fairgrounds and you'll be with people who "get" you.  Click for more information and camping registration form.

We Need YOU!

Those of us who are veterans of the road know how healing travel can be — and, sometimes, how lonely and frightening it can be.  The nomad chapter provides a way for people to get together and hang out with others who share similar challenges.  Our meetings and events aren’t pity parties or therapy.  They are like hanging out around a campfire with other people who “get it.”   The nomad chapter provides a way for people who are travelling with anxiety, depression,  etc., to provide social support to each other.  It is also open to those planning to become nomads.  Any human regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, age, ethnicity, religion, etc., is welcome. We don’t care what drugs you do or don’t take or whether you identify with any medical diagnostic labels. If you deal with mental challenges, we’ll accept you as one of us.

In order to make this work, we need YOU.  We need you if you’re an old hand; we need you if you’re new; we need you if you’ve been doing great for years; we need you if you’re struggling. We need people who are going to give hope to others by their example.  We need people who can give others a sense of purpose by needing their support.  We need the newbies to remind the veterans of how far they’ve come and the veterans to show the newbies how they got so far. Register below and/or join our RVillage group and start participating.  Help us help each other!

Tell Us Your Preferences

Please use our registration form to let us know your preference for meetings, groups, events, etc.