Daily Check-In with Team Mood Support

Come Join the Team!

 A simple way to help yourself and others:  Participate in this and other Team Mood Support activities.

10:15am Eastern.  9:15am Central.  8:15am Mountain. 7:15am Pacific.

Toll Free dial-in instructions:
Dial 855-552-4463
When prompted “Please enter your meeting key and press the pound key” enter the following:  
9796 97 0554#

Quick dial for smartphone users – paste the following into your phone’s dialer:

Put it on your calendar

Have a history of depression, anxiety, other psych issues? Get a free daily mood boost! Hear friendly voices every weekday and add your voice to them to help others.  This is not a deep-sharing support group and certainly not therapy or a pity party. It’s run entirely by a team of peers – people who “get” you because they share your challenges.  Here’s the agenda:   

1. intro and icebreaker, ex: “What’s your first name, what town are you in, and what can you see out your window right now?” 

2. quick, no-details check of the group’s mental-health “temperature,” ex: “Are you feeling better or worse than yesterday?”

3. quick, no-details sharing of what each of us has done that helped them feel a little bit calmer and happier in the last 24 hours.

4. check out – quick no-details sharing of what each of us will commit to doing in the next 24 hours to make ourselves feel a little bit calmer and happier.

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Team Mood Support is a service of DBSA Greater Hartford, Inc., a 501(c)(3) charity.