Where will the camp be?
We are OPEN! Just a few miles from Parker in Earp, CA. Click here for directions

What do I need to bring to camp?
Everything that you need to take care of yourself, your dependents, pets and waste. We will not provide portapotties or trash service. There will not be water onsite. This is a 100% free boondocking location. We have provided information on local resources on the bottom of this page .

Check the schedule to see which “stone soup” gatherings you would like to participate in and bring goodies to share.

We will have crafting circles and the opportunity to share skills and hobbies in workshops. . .so bring anything you’d like to work on, teach others, or share.

Bring firewood to share if you can.

We will not have a free pile, tho we might considering having a swap meet if someone wanted to organize one.

Do campers have to be a member of the Nomad Chapter/DBSA or RVillage group?
No. All SUPPORTIVE friends and family of our members are welcome at this camp and all events. Group members do not have to join any online group to join us at camp. We would appreciate it if everyone registers at the bottom of this page.