Join Team Mood Support!

 Where nomads and CT area residents who share challenges like depression, anxiety, autism, bipolar etc., come to help themselves and others during this crisis
A service of DBSA Greater Hartford, Inc., a 501(c)(3) charity

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Just by participating in our activities you help yourself and others to feel less alone and to feel supported during this crisis.  This can help take the edge off the increased strain on our mental health.  Helping others gives a powerful boost to our own self-esteem and mental health — especially in a time of crisis. Whether you can contribute a little time or a lot you’ll be a player on Team Mood Support!


Choose From Any or All of the Following FREE Services:

Online Social / Community Center

Our private 24 x 7 Discord channel - a friendly, private online social space / community center created by our nomad members to share with CT area residents. People who "get" you will have text discussions, post pictures, play games, teach and learn each other's hobbies and wellness techniques, have scheduled or impromptu phone and/or video get-togethers, and interact without constant exposure to the news or the toxicity of social media like Facebook and Twitter. Requires a smart phone, computer, or tablet.  Fill out our "Tell Us Your Preferences" form below to be invited to this service.  If you've already registered in the past, send an email to with the "Join Discord"  in the subject line.

Formal Support Groups (All Peers Welcome)

We have six peer  groups that meet Monday – Thursday evenings.  Originally these were in-person groups in various towns, but due to the Covid crisis they now meet by phone and/or on-line for the indefinite future.  They are identified by their original meeting places, but are open to everyone who identifies as a peer.   All are accessible to people with flip phones or landlines. Please open the calendar entry of the group in which you’re interested to see details. Scroll down to find the All Peers Calendar. . .

Daily Check-in Calls

Get a free daily mood boost! Hear friendly voices every weekday and add your voice to them to help others. This is not a deep-sharing support group and certainly not therapy or a pity party. It's run entirely by a team of peers - people who "get" you because they share your challenges. Mon-Fri, 10:15 a.m. eastern time.  Use any phone including landline or flip phone. For CT area residents and our nomad members. No registration required. Click for description and dial-in instructions. NEW!!!!! We've added a weekend tea/coffee meetings 

Formal Support Groups (Nomads)

Phone Support Groups with Optional Video for nomads.  Two meetings a week with the same nomads and same experience wherever you roam.  See our Nomad Calendar


All Peers Calendar

(see our Nomad Calendar if you’re one who wanders)

Tell Us Your Preferences

Please use our registration form to let us know your preference for meetings, groups, events, etc.